Video Conferencing 

Skip the Hurdles that Limit Your Business Growth

Every business itself carries some amount of risk; economic slowdown and uncertainties can happen anytime. Companies are forced to shut down, reduce expenditure by cost-cutting, which subsequently affects the quality of work and the annual returns. Video Conferencing Solutions have come out to be a big savior when it comes to cost savings and improving efficiency.

Acma has helped many big and SMB businesses by designing a video conferencing solution which matches their current requirement and grows as the business expands. We design solutions with our client’s best interests in our mind so they gain the most out of it.


We provide desktop-based video conferencing software applications that can be installed on desktops or laptops. These solutions are designed to allow users to conduct video conferences from their desktops or laptops, using webcams, headsets, and microphones.

We provide Cloud-based video conferencing solutions that are hosted on remote servers, and users can access them through web browsers or mobile apps. These solutions are designed to offer scalability, flexibility, and ease of use, and can be used for virtual meetings, webinars, and online training sessions.

We provide Room-based video conferencing solutions that are designed for use in conference rooms or boardrooms. These solutions typically involve specialized hardware such as video cameras, microphones, and speakers, along with a central control unit that manages the conference.

We Provide Mobile video conferencing solutions that are designed for use on smartphones and tablets. These solutions typically involve mobile apps that allow users to conduct video conferences on the go, using their mobile devices’ built-in cameras and microphones.

We Provide Webinar solutions that are designed specifically for online events such as webinars, online training sessions, and product demos. These solutions typically involve features such as screen sharing, polling, and Q&A sessions, and are designed to allow presenters to interact with their audiences in real-time.

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