Remote Infrastructure Management

Save 25% – 50% of your organization’s cost with a well planned RIM Strategy by our IT Expert.

Remote Infrastructure Management Services, commonly referred to as RIM, describe the Acma Infrastructure Management Services that are delivered to our customers using secure methods to connect to their environments. These can be delivered on equipment owned by the customer or on equipment leased from Acma

Our RIM services provide monitoring, administration, operation and optimization of your IT infrastructure from an on-shore, near- shore, or remote location.

Benefits of RIMS

  • Maximum flexibility with selective outsourcing.
  • Rapid delivery with automated and standard components.
  • Economies of scale with specialized infrastructure services.
  • Improved business service.
  • Boost ROI and cut IT management and administration costs.
  • Access high-demand IT skills and leverage global best practices.
  • Focus on activities directly related to your core business.


 We monitor network infrastructure such as routers, switches, and firewalls. These tools ensure that your network is running smoothly, and detect any issues that may arise.

This includes tools that monitor the servers in a network, ensuring that they are running smoothly, and detecting any issues that may arise.

This includes tools that monitor the performance of applications running on servers or other devices, ensuring that they are functioning properly, and detecting any issues that may arise.

Monitoring of the environment of a data center or other facility, such as temperature, humidity, and air quality. These tools ensure that the environment is optimal for the devices and equipment being used.

This includes tools that monitor and manage IoT devices, such as sensors, cameras, and other connected devices. These tools ensure that the devices are functioning properly and that data is being collected and transmitted correctly.

This includes tools that monitor the performance and availability of cloud-based systems, such as cloud servers, storage, and applications. These tools ensure that the cloud services are functioning properly and that data is being transmitted securely.


Reduced Downtime

RIMS allows organizations to identify and resolve issues before they become critical, reducing the risk of downtime and lost productivity. This helps to improve system availability and minimize disruptions to business operations.

Improved Efficiency

RIMS helps organizations to identify potential issues and fix them proactively, minimizing the need for reactive maintenance. This can result in improved efficiency, reduced costs, and increased uptime.

Better Security

RIMS provides real-time monitoring and alerts of potential security threats, enabling organizations to take immediate action to prevent data breaches or other security incidents.

Enhanced Performance

RIMS helps organizations to monitor system performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize system configurations. This can lead to improved performance, reduced response times, and better user experiences.

Cost Savings

RIMS can reduce the costs associated with maintenance, repair, and system upgrades. By proactively identifying and resolving issues, organizations can minimize the need for costly emergency repairs and avoid costly downtime.


RIMS can easily scale to accommodate new devices and systems as organizations grow, providing a flexible and scalable solution to meet evolving business needs.

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