CCTV as a Managed Service

We at Acma offers a mix of both cloud and premise-based systems. For managed CCTV services, we can host it on cloud or install dedicated equipment at your sites and integrate it with your existing network infrastructure. Acma will then manage this CCTV remotely. So, as a business owner, you don’t have to take this cctv system headache anymore. Leave the maintenance and management to us and focus on your business objectives.

What are the benefits of our Acma’s Managed CCTV Services?

  • Equipment design, implementation, provisioning, and turn-up; operative management and continuous process improvement of your company’s communications services.
  • Management of hardware and software updates follow the latest versions.
  •  Adaptable stand-by technical support.

Our Managed CCTV services, offers the following:

  •  Advanced CCTV technologies.
  •  Easy management via software and mobile application.
  • Unified CCTV viewing with the use of multiple devices such as phone, laptop, mobile phone and tablet for enhanced viewing experience.
  • Round the clock monitoring of all your facilities from Central Monitoring Facility or on premise.
  • Timely alerts on different criteria such as facility open/close, unusual activities etc.
  • Manage storage on built-in disk, external storage and historical archive. Event retrieval as needed.
  • Weekly reports and creation of audit points.
  • Ability to monitor on mobile app or browser.
  • Choice of equipment purchase or included as a part of managed service.
  • Secure communication and customer privacy protection.
  • Alert external authorities or facilities such as fire department or police as needed.
  • Preventive maintenance of systems and health check reports. 

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