Acceleration of the Digital transformation in the Computer Age has enhanced demands for threat identification and vulnerability analysis in the organizations. Insider attacks and external imposters in organizations lead to tremendous risks with prominent impacts. Vulnerability assessment entails the process of identification and analysis of vulnerabilities with risks in systems, software, hardware, applications, and any other IT assets. This vulnerability assessment intends to disclose vulnerabilities at any instant and reduces corresponding cyber risks to the organization through either mitigation or remediation. 

We adopt a unique strategic approach for Vulnerability Assessment to determine your security posture and enforce highly competent enterprise security solutions in the organization.

Application VAPT

As organizations are moving their critical data and functions to web & mobility platforms like iOS and Android mobile applications, the organizational data is exposed to cyber actors. With applications VAPT, we support your enterprise to identify vulnerabilities.

Network VAPT

Network VAPT is to identify potential vulnerabilities in the network that cyber actors may exploit. Inspirisys delivers a prioritized list of vulnerabilities identified in your network that can help you to line-up the mitigation strategies to stay ahead of cyber-attacks.

Endpoint VAPT

Future proof your endpoints with a complete vulnerability analysis that identifies security gaps. We evaluate security risks in the endpoints which include desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, servers & workstations to prioritize vulnerabilities and support your future security strategies.


The rapid adoption of Internet of Things technology opens the opportunity for cyber threats to exploit the connected systems. IoT devices are not limited to devices. It comprises IoT field gateways, databases, applications, servers etc. With deep domain expertise, we assess vulnerabilities across the IoT ecosystem.

Key Benefit Of VAPT 

  • Testing of the IT systems allows to mitigate risks in application development process, which reduced the cost involved in re-evaluation of the system.
  •  Using the Penetration Testing Approach gives an organization a more inclusive view of the threats encountered by various applications, systems, or networks.
  •  Our VAPT services enable various businesses to protect its systems and data from malicious attacks.
  •  Security measures for diverse applications and IT resources.

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