Acma provides load balancers, which are next-generation multi-homing & enterprise gateway solutions that guarantees service level availability & continuous connectivity of enterprise & cloud-based applications.

It is an application-aware multi-homing & link load balancing module that delivers WAN optimization for 24/7 continuous connectivity & service level assurance for corporate & cloud-based applications. It scales from 100Mbps up to 160Gbps & can be deployed in entry-level to high-end data centers as well as enterprise branch offices.

All the Load Balancing you need

Provide Additional user with pre-authentication zero trust access gateway services web application services, web application firewall and single sign on
Manage traffic with global server load balancing for disaster recovery , hybrid cloud and multi-site environments.
Capture key insights on all traffice flowing into the network communication with proxide applications , containers and services
Simplify L4/L7 load balancing with pre-defined application templates that make it easy to configure and manage.

What makes the Load Balancing a better solution?

Service Level Visibility via Real-User Monitoring

Load balancers deliver real-time monitoring of application service levels with automatic alerts on service level breaches & quick cause analysis for SLA assurance.

Improved Data Center Utilization

Offloads SSL decryption tasks from the firewall & servers, freeing processing of SSL traffic & reducing the number of devices for optimized data center utilization & cost reduction.

Optimize Cloud-Based Application Delivery

Advanced enterprise gateway that optimizes access to cloud applications by shortening cloud application response time, selecting the best ISP link & simplifying management of shadow IT.

Reduce Costs & Improve Branch Employee Productivity

Increased employee productivity & reduced branch office costs with a hybrid WAN architecture, alignment of allocated capacity of WAN links by application priority & accelerated access to SaaS applications.

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