Board Room Automation

Boardroom Automation systems provides the Presenter with a Simple & User-friendly interface for controlling Audio Visual and Conferencing Equipment, Lighting, Aircon and Drapes in a Boardroom or Conference room.

Today’s board room features all the state of the art equipment, from large active LED / LFD displays / Video Walls displays, speech reinforced solutions / voice-activated controls, interactive touch displays, lighting controls, etc.

We specialize in:​​

  • Audio and video conferencing systems.
  • Touch-panel Control Automated Systems.
  • Microphone and Lectern Systems.
  • Active LED / LFD / Direct view LED.
  • Speech Reinforced Solutions.​
  • Voice Activation
  • Interactive Displays

We help you create:

  • Most dynamic & easy-to-use boardroom environments.
  • Brilliant visuals with intelligent audio for effective collaboration.
  • Interactive sessions operated centrally and conveniently.
  • Premium presentation system that delivers results.
  • Impactful discussions and quick decision-making.
  • Connect remote teams to your board rooms and save travel cost.

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