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Acma delivers integrated data center infrastructure management solutions that include End to End Consultation, Planning, Designing, Capacity Analysis & Cost Effective implementation. Data centre management being one of the critical aspects of IT Management; Our solutions are designed & optimized to ensure reliability, safety  sustainability.

Our services include:

  • Whether you are looking for on-premise, cloud or a hybrid solution, we provide the right mix for a cost optimized data center operation.
  • Design & implementation of huge media house data centers.
  • Migration of existing data centers connected over multiple locations. From small server migration to migration of thousands of data center assets globally, Acma has been relocating IT assets for more than 28 years.
  • Fully integrated, multi-vendor monitoring service that offers a ‘single pane of glass’ view of the health of the entire server, storage & network infrastructure.
  • Well designed & modern, smart data center in a box, solutions like HCI, DHCI solution; that will optimize & save costs.
  • IT data center equipment management for increasingly complex environments utilizing multiple technologies, OEMs, platforms & locations – both physical & in the cloud.


Simplify IT & transform operations by bringing together compute, storage, networking & data protection in fully-engineered systems. Validated designs with simplified hyper-converged systems for modern & traditional workloads

Flexible Deployment Options

Available in appliance & rack-scale systems or ready node building blocks to meet your environment & workload.

Simplified, Powerful Infrastructure

Built on next-generation servers to deliver cloud-like agility, scalability & simplified IT management with built in data protection.

Leading Support & Services

Backed with comprehensive, single-point-of-contact support for hardware, hypervisor & software.



Lower Costs

Reduce Technology Sprawl and free up technical resources to focus on high value activities

Keep Pace with Business Change

Deploy , scale , Bridge to the public cloud so you can react quickly to changing priorities.

Improve availability

Protect your services and data against hardware failure, disasters & attackers.

Smart Data Center

Automate Data center at mmultiple location across india with smart data center in a box solutions. Optimize power usage, increase energy savings and reduce the TCO while maintaining high availability, reliability and security during the facility's operation.

Safety & Security

The goal is to protect DC from threats that could compromise the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of business information assets or intellectual property.

keep an eye

Real time monitoring of data center helps you to prevent unwanted failures in network connectivity, server performance and storage performance.


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