Infrastructure as a service ( IAAS )

Don’t Just Rent , But Try Opex. 

Businesses traditionally rely on owning IT infrastructure as part of their IT transformation. Such infrastructure requires significant capital expenses to operate, maintain, and upgrade. With technological advancements, the service model is quickly replacing the ownership model where companies are investing in cloud architecture.

Since IT is a rapidly evolving industry, there is a higher likelihood that CapEx infrastructure will become obsolete before delivering any returns on the initial investment. Upgrading to another CapEx framework will require an additional investment, which further impacts cashflow and financing activities of a business. The solution for many businesses remains to switch IT infrastructure into an OpEx model.

We offer below services in IAAS Model 

  • IT infra (Servers, Storage, Switches, Routers, UPS, End Points)
  • WIFI As a Managed Service
  • CCTV As a Managed Service
  • Attendance As Managed Service (Centralised for all Branches across India)
  • Digital Signage As M.S. : This includes Monitoring, Down time Alerts, Performance check, Content update on weekly basis


Cost savings

IaaS allows businesses to avoid the upfront costs of purchasing and maintaining hardware and software infrastructure, which can be a significant expense.


IaaS providers offer flexible scaling options, allowing businesses to quickly add or remove computing resources based on demand. This allows businesses to avoid over-provisioning and wasting resources.

Increased efficiency

IaaS providers offer a range of services, such as load balancing and auto-scaling, which help businesses optimize their computing resources and improve overall efficiency.


IaaS services can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, which enables remote work and collaboration.

Reliability and security

IaaS providers offer reliable and secure infrastructure that is monitored and maintained 24/7, providing businesses with peace of mind and reducing the risk of downtime and data loss.

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