Backup & disaster recovery

Acma delivers industry‑leading Modern Data Protection for your growing enterprise, including some great new cloud & security capabilities. From the most flexible hybrid cloud capabilities by AWS, Azure & Google Cloud or the most robust ransomware protection & recovery options, we have it all!

Acma brings hardened immutable storage options, dependable cloud‑native backup options, continuous data protection & much more, all under one platform, with a single portable license for your entire workload.

Protect your data & overall IT infrastructure effortlessly using our Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions.

Industry-leading backup & restoration

1. Fast, application-aware, image-based backups for VMware, NAS, Windows & more!
2. Native backup & recovery for AWS, Azure & Google Cloud.
3. Bulletproof ransomware protection with immutable backups functionality.



Recover Data Any time - Any where

Stay rest assured that when the day comes to recover your data, we can pull any file, application or database you need, right away!

Real Time Monitoring

Periodic reporting & real time monitoring allows you to keep an eye on things without having to do the grunt work yourself.

Instant-On Recovery

Extended power loss? Theft? Fire? Our Instant-On Cloud Server deploys an exact clone of your local server within minutes, so your team can be back online almost instantly.

Backup Testing & Validation

Our backup & disaster recovery appliance includes a fully integrated testing environment so we can test & validate backups for you. We prevent your restores from failing by testing your backups periodically, before they go off-site.

Intelligent by Design

Using the best suited backup & disaster recovery appliances, we ensure consistent backups, regardless of what's running under the hood. We also add de-duplication, to ensure multiple copies of the same file are backed up only once.

End-to-End Encryption

Backups by Acma deliver built-in end-to-end encryption, giving you the ability to encrypt backup files & data at the source, in-flight & at rest.


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