Data Center Management

Acma’s Data center Management services range from traditional data center IT infrastructure operations to fully managed private cloud leveraging the latest technology. The Data Center Managed Services suite comprises managed hosting, server and storage management, virtualisation and application packaging and all of these across range of platforms and technologies

Acma offers data center management services by assessing existing data center infrastructure and we render solutions that support mission-critical environments. Using the most comprehensive automation solution, we monitor and administer the data centers integrated with service management tools.

Our Data Center Services

System management

Our dedicated comprehensive infrastructure management services are capable of managing servers running Red Hat Linux, Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft Windows, and VMW

  • Management of OS , File system Structure and log files. 
  • Security patching
  • Business continuity services 
  • Communication & Collaboration services 
  • Base operating system installation 
  • 24X7 White lable technical Support 
Network Management

Network Management

Acma ensures to keep the network running efficiently and securely in synchronized with your provisioning process.


  • Seamless discovery of physical and virtual network components
  • Real-time network performance management
  • Network fault management
  • Automated tasks with workflows
  • Configuration and change management
  • IP and switch port management
  • Network topology diagrams for seamless visualization
  • Historical stats analysis with holistic reports
  • All-encompassing dashboards for simplified network management

Storage management

Acma proposes appropriate solutions by identifying critical data, implementing secured storage mechanisms, data monitoring, backup, and disaster recovery options.

Storage Initialization

Involves configuration of new storage to be utilized within the environment. 

Storage Monitoring 

Seamless Monitoring to track report storage availability , utilization and performance. 

Storage Management 

Proper Maintenance of storage devices to ensure optimal performance.

Storage Configuration 

Involves Configuration and deployment of infrstructure solutions. 

Patch Management 

Hardware , Software and firmware upgradations as recommended by the storage OEM. 

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