Retracing the Beginning

Retracing the Beginning

Retracing the Beginning

March signifies numerous things.

To the world it brings the sweet promise of spring. After the long winter, it marks the beginning of a warm freshness in the air, the sweet smell of new blooms & the beginning of a splash of colours in the previously white expanse of crisp snow.

To us Indians, March brings with it a few more things. The celebration of good over evil – Holi (better known for thandai & water balloons), the clean slate of new beginnings – Gudi Padwa & the sweet promise of the juicy, golden treat set to arrive soon – our beloved Alphonsos, popularly known as ‘Hapus’.

But for us at Acma, March has a special place in our hearts. It brings with it a wave of nostalgia; with memories that date back to 1993.

For those of us who may not remember 1993 as clear as daylight, here’s a refresher! It was a year filled with hope, but also with resilience. It was a year when India re-emerged from a tragedy that few can forget, but that told the world – we don’t back down.

It was a time when the chimes of bicycles filled the roads more than the horns of cars. When cricket signified a young Sachin Tendulkar. When vada pav & chai ruled over burgers & lattes. When the soft fragrance of gajras & flowers filled the air more than fancy perfumes. When calling someone meant picking up a wired telephone receiver, rather than a smart wireless gadget. When books were found in actual libraries, meetings happened in person, paying was always cash, banking wasn’t on the net, when dreams soared the sky more than high rises & education was imparted via chalk and board by our teachers at school.

It was in this India, in a city still known as Bombay (now Mumbai) that a young man in his 20s dared to dream. Just 2 days after one of the most significant innovations in technology, specifically computers – the launch of the first Pentium processor; this young man walked into a 12X12 foot room with the grit to turn his dream into reality. A dream to be a significant part of the slowly growing technological revolution in India. Little did he realise back then, how crucial this dream would be as the backbone of the revolutions coming soon ahead – transformations from houses to skyscrapers, motels to luxury hotels, chai walas to starbucks, cash to cards, cinema to Netflix, banks to online transactions, hospital slips to round the clock care systems, chalk to screen & to the ability of holding the entire world in the single palm of a hand. This dream that helped him become a significant part of some of the great journeys & heart-warming stories. The dream to reform India using information technology. The dream to become the best & largest IT solutions & services provider.

A dream that culminated on the auspicious day of Gudi Padwa. And we know today, as Acma Computers Ltd.

This is a story of decades of unflinching grit, steadfast dedication, humble earnesty, unparalleled experiences & honourable morals. It’s a story that teaches as much as it touches. One that’s too great to not be shared but too long to be scribed into a single post.

And so, we look forward to sharing our journey with you, piece by piece, traversing even the remotest corners of our hearts & souls.

Stay tuned for the ride! It’s going to be a fun one; cause we’re just getting started!