Concept Information:

Key Benefits:
Completely Human Independent
Supports Multiple copies, (Monday, Tuesday, etc.)
Takes Full as well as Incremental Backup
Needs minimum monitoring
Supports RAID / Mirroring within the BOX
i.e. even if the HDD where the backup is taken fails, there is a backup of that also

Acma's Approach & Methodology
At Acma we Strongly believe in not just selling boxes but providing Solutions. Hence our technical team of Data Backup specialists first analyze the exact need of the client, the size of the Data & also the type of Data. Then they suggest the right system for Data Backup & also for the right System for DisasterRecovery

Acma Offering
Make backups automatic and continuous
Make data easily accessible in case of disaster
Encrypt data
Protect data

Data backups can prevent the loss of critical, and what might otherwise be irrecoverable, documents in the event of a hard disk crash or theft of a laptop.

Automatic Data backups are necessary in order to back up stored data and to enable data recovery should the system crash. By automating a backup through a regular backup system, the user doesn't have to protect data manually.

Data Backup should be done for:
Servers - (Email server, Data server etc.)
Critical Desktops / Laptops - (e.g. Director’s PC etc.)
Disaster Recovery (i.e. even in case of extreme acts of God like, Fire, Earthquake, Flood, etc.)