Key Benefits:

Exceptional Service Levels
Implement Proactive, Process-Driven Service
Increase Staff Productivity
Exceed Availability Expectations
Expand Your Service Capabilities
Focus on Strategic Initiatives
You can accomplish this with a complete, secure, reliable and full service IT Systems Management Solution that will meet your needs today and provide the scalability you need for the future.
Kaseya is the ultimate solution for automating recurring IT tasks. With Kaseya, IT professionals can offer extended service capabilities with better service delivery
And, with optional configurations, maximum scalability and multiple domain capabilities, IT departments or service providers of all sizes can experience the rewards of IT automation.
Kaseya was designed and built with security as the fundamental building block to its core architecture. In fact, the name itself, Kaseya, stems from an American Indian word meaning “to secure and protect”, inspired by its founders who brought over 50 years of experience designing and architecting secure systems for the likes of government and financial institutions.
With millions of systems under management today, Kaseya has a proven track record of the highest levels of security available in a management platform and uniquely combines ease-of-use with high security. At Kaseya, we start and end with security as the cornerstone of everything we do.
Certified Agent Technology
Firewall Friendly
Two-Factor Authentication
User, Task and Data Level Security
System Logging
FIPS and Common Criteria Certified with 256-bit AES Encryption
ISO Certified

On-Premises Products
SaaS Bundles
IT Tools
Free Tools

Product Information:

Managing IT infrastructure efficiently is critical for enterprises to go beyond “business as usual”.

Superior infrastructure management processes ensure predictable delivery of customer applications, with high reliability, security and performance.

We offer flexible and SLA driven engagement models.

This secure 24/7 platform integrates service desk with tools, to monitor and manage all applications and infrastructure, including virtualized infrastructure.

It optimizes IT infrastructure performance, keeps real time inventory of IT hardware and software, streamlines work flows and eliminates avoidable expenditure

As an IT Professional, you carry the responsibility of maintaining the very lifeline of a company through the availability of the IT systems. You are ultimately accountable for the IT budget, status reporting and corporate IT compliance.

No matter what part of Kaseya’s integrated IT Systems Management platform you choose to utilize in order to streamline and automate your IT Services, Kaseya’s scalable platform can be leveraged seamlessly across all IT disciplines.

By tightly integrating common platform concepts into a single web-based platform, Kaseya makes your systems more secure, your IT staff more productive, your services more reliable and your results easier to validate.