Concept Information:

The next level of services above FMS, is IMS. Under this service a complete site study and documentation is first carried out. Based on this, Acma offers a host of services which are mentioned in the Brief Scope of Services below:

Key Benefits:
Exceptional Service Levels
Implement Proactive, Process-Driven Service
Increase Staff Productivity
Exceed Availability Expectations
Expand Your Service Capabilities
Focus on Strategic Initiatives
Reduce costs

Acma Offering
Total IT Inventory with Hardware and Software details.
Patch update / Patch Management
Help desk Ticketing
Remote access for any systems
Monitoring of SVV/ Wkk for service utilization Application etc.

IT infrastructure management tools enable a centralizing view of server monitoring and management. IT Infrastructure Management requires implementation of specialized software for real-time monitoring and management of networked systems. IT infrastructure management tools are designed to identify and mitigate sources of risk so as to increase availability of networked servers.

We specialize ourselves and have 100% solution for all the problems faced by users

Managing IT infrastructure efficiently is critical for enterprises to go beyond “business as usual”. Superior infrastructure management processes ensure predictable delivery of customer applications, with High reliability, security and performance.

Our expertise in remote infrastructure management and operations can reduce overhead costs by over 50%. We offer flexible and SLA driven engagement models.

This secure 24/7 platform integrates service desk with tools, to monitor and manage all applications and Infrastructure, including virtualized infrastructure.

It optimizes IT infrastructure performance, keeps real time inventory of IT hardware and software, streamlines Work flows and eliminates avoidable expenditure.

As an IT Professional, you carry the responsibility of maintaining the very lifeline of a company through the Availability of the IT systems.

You are ultimately accountable for the IT budget, status reporting and corporate IT compliance