Product Information:

For the individual user, email management usually refers to the process of moving messages from the inbox to the appropriate archive folder. If a mistake is made in that filing, it generally isn't a big deal. However, for business entities, managing email effectively can have a significant impact on their bottom line.

Key Benefits:
Reduce email handling time and costs by half.
Reduce inbound calls by 30% and more.
Reduce repeat emails up to 75%.
Improve first contact us resolution to more than 90%.
Predefined workflows to manage incoming email and webform enquiries. Contains service level agreement (SLA) triggers to automate email routing and monitoring.
Intelligent parsing of the content of all queries. Ability to send auto-responses and recommend responses to agents.
Tracking of all customer queries.
Complete customer information and interaction history, across channels available to agents, enabling informed interactions.
Varied collaboration options with experts within and outside the system.
Comprehensive analytics and real-time alarms for operational performance management