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Key Benefits:
Data Encryption:
Encryption is a code that cannot be cracked. The information is transferred in this encrypted form that only the computer it is going to can decipher. The information that leaves the computer is once again encrypted to be stored in the data center. This is what prevents a lot of the information that is going back and from being stolen by hackers.

Password protection:
It is important for the password to remain protected. If the password is entered incorrectly, then it is important to have a security feature that locks someone out after three attempts. This prevents someone from intruding and in order to unlock it, they must answer a security question.

Individual security:
This is when each individual receives their own username and password to access the data center. This means the encryption key for each user is unique.

Redundant power:
A data center that runs on redundant power is one that is going to survive such incidents as blackouts. This means they are running from separate sources of electricity and they also have backup generators. That way, if the power goes out there and not at your facility, you're still in business.

Verification at each end:
Every single time a file is written to disk at the data center, their integrity is verified. They are verified each time they are written to the disk. If verification fails, it is transmitted to an identical server.
Protocol security
Restricting remote access
Virus protection
128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

The value of your Data is best known to only 2 type of people apart from you,
Your Competitors
Your Employees.

Acma helps in securing your Data from both & also from the outside world !!

Data Leaks
To understand Data Security in a better way we have to first understand how Data Leakage occurs. It can happen through multiple channels lke,
Email attachment.
Internet Uploads
Copying on Pen Drive
Copying on DVD WRITER
Social Media etc.

Acma Offering:
Acma offers complete Consultation for Data security.
Our team of experts study your entire IT Infrastructure & then come up with a Comprehensive solution for Data security. This solution is designed specifically as per the client's personal needs.